Kress 60V/8A dual charger KA3706

The kress 60 V 8 A dual charger can charges 2 pcs 60 V battery at the same time. The inbuilt smartlink battery management and cooling system not only charges batteries in minutes, it provides better protection for the battery cells and guarantees a longer overall service life.

Feature Function Benefit

  • The dual-port allows for charging of 2 batteries at the same time
  • Thanks to the SmartLink function, balancing out voltage fluctuations to protect battery cells
  • The cooling system manages the cell temperature whilst charging, prevents overheating
  • The built-in charge indicator shows the status of charge
  • 30 minutes for two 2.5 Ah batteries and 75 minutes for two 5.0 Ah batteries


In stock


Technical Specifications


Battery & Charger

Charging times30 mins (2 x 2.0 Ah)
Battery voltage60 V
Charging current8 A
Voltage100-240 V


Weight and Dimensions

Weight2.8 kg



Frequency50 Hz