Kress 20V 15A Dual Charger KAC15

 Kress KAC15 is a 20V 15A dual-port charger is suitable for all Kress 20V KrossPack Lithium-Ion batteries. Charging (2) 2.0Ah batteries in just 40 minutes or less, this allows you to continue with your tasks with minimal downtime.

Feature Function Benefit

  • Quickly charge multiple 20V batteries in 40 minutes to reduce downtime between charges
  • The built-in charge indicator shows the status of charge (Fully charged/ Charging / Temperature out of range / Battery Fault)The
  • Long power cord extends the flexibility of location to charge your batteries.


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Technical Specifications

Battery & Charger

Charging times8.0 Ah: 1pc 32mins 2pcs 68mins
Charging current15 A
Voltage100-240 V


Basic specifications

Battery charging voltage20 V


Weight and Dimensions

Weight1.5 kg