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Make your farming tasks easier with premium agricultural equipment by Pottinger
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Supplying the Northwest region of Cheshire with Pottinger farm machinery

Pottinger farm machinery is designed to help you improve the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of your agricultural production.

The team at Border Plant Sales partners with Pottinger to help bring their high-quality agricultural machinery to farmers, equestrians, landowners and smallholders across the UK.

With the help of their reliable and robust machinery you’ll be able to enhance the capabilities of your farm or land.

Enhance your farm’s capabilities with Pottinger agricultural machinery

Whether you’re a farm owner, equestrian, landowner, or smallholder, buying farm machinery by Pottinger is a fantastic choice.

We always stock the latest and greatest from this popular brand of farming equipment because we always want our clients to have the best equipment possible.

Pottinger Mowers

Create a more precise mowing process with a mower by Pottinger. Receive the best possible ground tracking and work without time-consuming adjustments. View our full selection of Pottinger mowers.

Pottinger Tedders

With their unique ground tracking, Pottinger’s tedders create clean foliage with low raw ash content. View our wide range of Pottinger tedders.

Pottinger Loader Wagons

Efficient and large output multi-purpose loader wagons with high pick-up performance even at high travel speeds. View our entire stock of Pottinger loader wagons online.

Pottinger Rakes

Pottinger rakes provide perfect ground tracking with maneuverability. The tidy raking system provides the lowest possible disintegration losses for maximum quality forage. View all our Pottinger rakes online.

All Pottinger Grassland Products

Keep your grassland in perfect condition by using the best agricultural equipment for your farm and land. View our full range of Pottinger grassland products.

All Pottinger Arable Products

The best soil ensures the best yields from your land with Pottinger arable machinery. View our full range of Pottinger arable products.

Frequently Asked Questions

We sell a range of Pottinger farm machinery including:
  • Pottinger mowers
  • Pottinger tedders
  • Round balers
  • Ploughs
  • Seed drills
  • Disc harrows
  • Power harrows
  • Crop care machines
  • Cultivators
We stock a wide range of Pottinger agricultural equipment, you can see our full range here.
Yes, we have a wide range of parts for Pottinger farm machinery including Pottinger mower parts, plough parts and tedder parts. Call us today or visit our store to see what parts we have in stock.
All of our used Pottinger farm machinery is serviced and thoroughly tested by our team of experts.

Buy Pottinger farm machinery

Bring high-quality farming equipment to your farm or land by ordering from our selection of Pottinger machines.