M-TEC 14FT X 6FT Tri-Axle Livestock Trailer

The M-TEC 14FTx6FT Tri axle trailer is engineered to excel in strength and durability, offering farmers a reliable towing solution with a touch of visual appeal. Renowned for their robust construction, M-TEC trailers boast sturdy back posts, strong aluminum loading gates, and a welded rump rail, strategically reinforced to withstand the pressure exerted by livestock during transport. These trailers embody a combination of functionality and aesthetics, ensuring a dependable and eye-catching asset for agricultural operations.


  • Strong aluminum loading gates

  • Spare wheel and bracket

  • Front fold down flap

  • Open side vents

  • Aluminium mudguards

  • 3.5 Tonne coupling

  • Paraolic suspension

  • Side access doors

  • Fully fitted chequered flooring

  • LED lighting with wring loom

  • Dividing gate

  • Dividing gate hanger

  • Effluent tank

  • Closed vents

  • Top and bottom side vents

  • Interior light

  • M-TEC Safety bar

  • Black roof