M-TEC 10FT X 5FT Tipping Trailer

The M-TEC 10FTx5FT tipping trailer has been designed and engineered to ensure it can withstand all rigorous demands.

This trailer is manufactured with a strong fully welded and galvanized chassis, ensuring maximum strength, durability, and safety. This is the perfect trailers for construction, agricultural and landscaping industries.


  • 3500KG KNOTT Coupling

  • Heavy duty jockey wheel

  • LED lighting

  • 5 leaf springs

  • Plastic mudguards

  • 195/50/R13 Tyres

  • Knott Axles with all 4 wheels braked

  • Ramp holders/carriers

  • Steel flooring

  • Electric tipper

  • Ladder rack

  • Solid chrome ram (3xstage)

  • Drop sides

  • Galvanized finish

  • Fully welded chassis

  • safety cable

  • Fully type approved trailers

  • 6FT ramps

  • Spare wheel