M-TEC 10FT X 5FT Twin Axle Trailer

M-TEC  general purpose trailers are the best choice for those who wish to invest in a long-lasting, strong and high-quality trailer.

The 10x5ft Twin Axle trailer has been described as ‘the strongest 10ftx5ft twin axle trailer in Ireland’ This trailer has been designed with weld-in sides, strong towbar and robust tail door with a gross vehicle weight of 2700kg. This trailer is capable of withstanding daily rigorous demands.  

 We use 5 leaf springs rather than the industry standard three leaf springs which:

  •  Allows flexibility to absorb road shocks

  • Allows for a smooth ride

  • Reduces the wear and tear on trailer

  • Ensures a level ride on bumpy and uneven surface


  • 2700KG Knott coupling
  • Heavy duty jockey wheel
  • LED lighting
  • 7 Pin plug holder
  • 5 leaf springs
  • Plastic mudguards
  • 165/R13 tyres
  • Knott axles with 4 wheels braked
  • Reinforced ramp door
  • Gas strut on rear door S
  • Heep door in rear door
  • Aluminium chequered flooring
  • Fully type approved
  • Small builder trailers doors

  • Aluminium mudguards

  • Aluminium loading gates

  • Spare wheel and bracket 

  • Sheep hurdle and brackets