Grass Technology’s GT 140

GT 140


Mower PZ Drum Mower
Cutting width (m) 2.1
Blades per drum 4
Power requirement 120 H.P.
Transport dimensions (L/W/D) 10.45x 2.46 x 3.17
Standard tyres 550-45/22.5
Weight full (kg) 8,400



Fitted with the famous PZ drum mower keeping us in front of the competition. 42 years of proven reliability across the world. Robust build and proven reliability achieves outstanding outputs and first class cut in the heaviest crops. Flat sided drums are provide optimal grass transport to the GrassBox without risk of blockage. The rotating saucers have a major advantage in uneven ground. The saucers rotate over uneven ground rather than slide thus reducing pto power requirement while protecting stubble.

From the mower unit, the grass is lifted into the Grazer via a high capacity elevator that rotates at just 70rpm to avoid damaging the young grass, so ensuring maximum nutritional value is maintained.