Fleming 7ft Hydraulic transport box

  • Suitable for tractors from 45-130hp
  • Solid construction of 5mm/6mm reinforced steel depending on the model
  • Heavy duty hydraulic loading & tipping hitch mechanism
  • Heavy duty double acting ram
  • Range of 3pl settings to suit most tractors
  • Double jaw lift arm pin support
  • Cat 2 lift pins supplied
  • Scraping blade fitted to the heel of the box to further add strength to the rear of the box, giving it the capability of grading and levelling
  • Internal reinforcing shoes with smooth rounded edges to create a solid back plate to absorb the force of the tractor and allow for easy unloading/cleaning
  • Internal bracing beams to prevent any flexing when the box is under heavy load
Weight 380kg Width 2170mm
Height 610mm Depth 930mm
Capacity 0.78m3 Max HP 130
Body thickness 6mm Linkage Cat. 2


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