Pottinger top 612 mounted rake



TOP 612
Working width 5,9 m
Working width adjustment Fixed width
Swath width 1
Rotor diameter 2,82 m
Rotor diameter front/rear
Transport width 2,7 /
Transport height 3,4 m
Transport length 3,13 m
Parking height without tine arms removed 3,19 m
Parking height with tine arms removed * 2,7 m
Tine arms per rotor 11 pcs.
Tine arms per rotor rear / front
Removable tine carrier arms per rotor 11
Tines per tine arm 4 pcs.
Weight 1010 kg
Mounting Rear three-point
Tyres — chassis
Swath placement in direction of travel Centre
Height adjustment system Crank handle adjuster
Axle Single axle
Rotor tyres (standard) 16 x 6,5-8
Jockey wheels
Wide angle drive shaft Wide-angle drive shaft on one end
* at TOP 662: 3.60 m without swath curtain