Pottinger Novacat 301 Alpha Motion Pro - Due In May 2022

Mounting Front
Weight 905 kg
Working width 3,04 m
Transport width 2,98 m
PTO Input Speed 1000 rpm
Direction of rotation Right
Mower discs 7 pcs.
Mower blades 14 pcs.
Power requirement 60 HP
Hectares/acres per hour 3 ha/h
Wear skids 5 pcs.
High-cut skids 5 pcs.
High-cut skids inside / outside 1 pcs.
Suspension Counter-springs
Swath width without swath discs 2,1 m
Swath width with a pair of swath discs 1,4 m
Swath width with two pair of swath discs 1,1 m
Swath width with conditioner min
Swath width with conditioner max
Swath forming/conditioner Swath discs
Swath discs
Conditioner rpm