Kellfri 5 Foot ATV Roller


Weight: 62.5 KG

5FT Length

36cm Drum

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The Kellfri Quad Roller is an innovative and versatile piece of equipment designed for various agricultural and landscaping tasks. Combining the capabilities of a roller and a quad bike, it offers exceptional maneuverability and functionality for maintaining and preparing different types of terrain.

The Kellfri Quad Roller features a robust and durable construction, built to withstand the demands of heavy-duty applications. It consists of a sturdy quad bike frame with four wheels, specifically designed to distribute weight evenly and provide optimal traction on various surfaces. The wheels are often fitted with aggressive tread patterns, enabling the Quad Roller to operate effectively in challenging terrains such as muddy or uneven ground.

One of the primary purposes of the Kellfri Quad Roller is to level and compact the ground, making it ideal for land preparation before seeding or planting. The roller attachment, which is connected to the quad bike frame, consists of a heavy drum or a series of rollers. As the Quad Roller is driven across the terrain, the weight of the roller compacts the soil, creating a smooth and even surface. This process helps to eliminate bumps, ruts, and uneven areas, ensuring optimal conditions for future agricultural activities.