When tradition reinvents itself, timeless excellence is born. This is the case with Landini, which has extended its range with the new Serie 5 tractors, utilities that will surprise you with their comfort, versatility and performance. Performance and comfort are ensured by Landini axles, which guarantee reliability in all working conditions and stability during transport. The new suspended axle option handles rough terrain in the best possible way, providing optimum comfort and safety in every situation. To maximise traction and grip, the Serie 5 is equipped with Twin Lock, the simultaneous integral locking of the front and rear differentials. The system automatically engages and disengages the differential lock and four-wheel drive, making the operator’s job easier and more efficient.


5-100  5-110 5-120 
Manufacturer  FPT FPT FPT
Max power (97/68 CE – ISO TR 14396)  hp/kW 95,2/70 102/75 114/84
Max torque at 1400 rpm Nm 395 430 460
Cylinders / Displacement / Valves 4 / 3,6L / 16 4 / 3,6L / 16 4 / 3,6L / 16