CFORCE450 EPS 2023

Hunter Green
Power Steering
Road Registered
334 miles
52.4 hours



Ready to elevate your farming game? Say hello to the Used Hunter Green CFMOTO CFORCE 450 with Power Steering, road registered, boasting only 334 miles and 52.4 hours!

Features You’ll Love:

  • Power Steering: Effortlessly maneuver through fields and rugged terrain with precision and ease.
  • Low Mileage, High Performance: With only 334 miles and 52.4 hours, this beauty is barely broken in and ready to conquer miles more!
  • Ideal for Agriculture: From plowing fields to transporting supplies, this CFMOTO CFORCE 450 is tailored to meet the demands of agricultural life.

This green machine is not just a quad bike; it’s a partner in productivity. With its robust build and reliable performance, it’s poised to become your farm’s MVP.