Border Plant Sales Shops on eBay

In today’s super connected world BORDER have used eBay as a reliable, quick and easy way to make our vast range of new, reconditioned and second hand equipment and parts available to the World ! In addition we have built upon our supplier relationships and shipping expertise to develop the sales of other non-farm machinery based products.


For the sale of new and second hand equipment, Tractors, Trailers, Loaders, and Sprayers to Brackets, Buckets and Grabs.


For the sale of new and used tractor parts, consumables, quad sprayers and accessories of all types.


Our mammoth new parts shop, from the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and beyond customers from far and wide can access sometimes hard to find parts from current to classic tractors , from wheels and tyres to everyday items like filters, electrical, bodywork and trim, everything from keeping you going to the most exacting restoration, all ordered on-line and in the case of 97% of all orders despatched the same day*

*   Weekdays only and excluding Bank Holidays.


On this site we showcase everything from Picnic Tables to Planters and Playpits, large items not easy to carry from the store but all easily despatched directly to the customers door by ourselves. Also on Border Leisure Sales you can find toilets ! a growing requirement for the self builder to the event organiser or site manager, from plumbed in to self contained we can supply the loo for you…