Big enough for most 4x4’s, pick up’s, smaller tractors and some smaller caravans.

Double Car Port Price – £2,900

Single Car Port Price – £1950

* Plus VAT and Delivery ( UK Mainland Only* )

Each bay is 2.66m wide, 6.10m deep, front of bay height is 2.55m rear bay height is 1.90m.

Outside dimensions are 6.0m wide, 6.10m deep and 2.66m High at the front and 2.03m at the rear.

Construction is timber with a metal sheeting roof complete with all brackets, bolts & screws for assembly.

Protection is paint, stone pine in colour.

The roof area is 21m sq and has a snow load of 125 kg per square metre.

Mounted on metal gear anchors (we certainly recommend concreting in these units).

The car port is delivered flat packed AND ITS BIG ! 7.0m LONG X 1.20m WIDE X 40cm HIGH.

Assembling & Building the car port is NOT included in the price, it is suitable for self assembly and will take 2 to 3 days to assemble, 6 to 8 days for 2 x Car Ports and a bridging unit, you will certainly need a hand, and a cherry picker will certainly help.

Please see Parts List & Assembly Instructions below >>